Wednesday, October 21, 2009


last night was a big-exciting-funny-memorable night for us, especially devi. it was her birthday.
so, some of us went to holland village first to buy a tart cake for her. we ended up buying large black forest cake instead of 18 cupcakes (18 represents her age). had some chit chat again at the hawker place until 10.30pm

then we catched the bus no.61 to signature park condo. her friend had been told about this. so, one of her housemates came down and guided us to her room. the will-be-surprised girl was sleeping. lucky for us. so, we waited until 00.00am.

when the time was near to 00.00am, we went out and turned the candle lights. the birthday girl was awaken by her friends who pretended to be worry as if there was earthquake. lol. then, we altogether went in her room, sang happy birthday song. it was really a surprise for her. because she was totally clueless.

while we were eating cakes, someone started 'cream war'. ticked some cream of the cakes to other's face. lol. too bad. devi got ticked the most. then, we played cards for a while.

it was 00.50am. time to go home. no more bus service. so we must take the taxi. fortunately, the taxi driver allowed us, 5 persons to get in the taxi. so we arrived at hostel at 01.20am. luckily, we had get in, because 5 minutes later, the rain was getting heavier.

fyi, the taxi fares went crazy. spent $15.40 only for 10 minutes or so journey. whatta waste!
but, the fun worth the fares. lol!


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