Sunday, November 1, 2009

first time halloween celebration

hell yeah! finally i know how the halloween celebration goes on. lol. last night was one of the memorable moments we had together. with a group of 16 people, yeah quite big, we reached sentosa at 6.30 pm. queued in front of the building. then suddenly a group of 'ghost' came out and scared people along the queue line. lol. there was a poor girl being scared and just couldn't do anything. lol. some of us used those time to take pictures.

started entering the ghost house, i walked in front so wouldn't be scared at all. there was an unlucky moment i had last night. when it was about to end the ghost house journey, i walked at the back, suddenly i looked back and tadaaa! a scary face was behind me. immediately i hid my face in my friend's hand. lol. again, the price worth the fun. never experienced it before. here are some photos we took last night. i love the togetherness. let's do it next time guys!


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