Monday, August 31, 2009

tuesday blues

one word i can say for this 2 recent days: hoki!

well, that's because my class always got funny-entertaining-waking lecturers. They wake up our spirit. yeah.. that's a really good beginning.

apart from that, i just came back from my campus with my whole clothes and bags wet. So damn teribble! When I'm supposed to do those such washing today. So i'm ending up washing tomorrow morning *wednesday off.. it's damn exciting*

well, lets think where we gonna go tomorrow if it's sunny
any ideas?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

1 week of idleness

this recent week has no important things to do. just sit down and attend the lectures, write some notes, having lunch at cafe and finally go home.

spend more times staring in front of notebook. it's better when i got any info about online tv streaming. another entertainment treat.

except tommorow's gonna be held casting call events *vote for insim president!*
and also wednesday we'll excitingly off. yayay!!

however, i don't understand about weather in singapore, it;s extremely hot just hours ago and followed by light rain just minutes later. huff..

fyi, i'm still doing the countdown till the end of september

another lazy sunday

I just spent another lazy sunday at the hostel after went to church of St.Mary of the Angels around bukit batok avenue and had lunch at the foodpark sunset way.

and now I'm waiting for some friends to go out for dinnertime at holland road *yay! i'm so relieved that tonight I mustn't got to the only-one-cafetaria in the halls*

Saturday, August 29, 2009

i always remember...

yesterday after those such events of mentors at the campus, we of the total of 12 persons went to orchard road for weekend blast.

Sometimes, when I was walking along the road, I remember that I used to do this with my mum several days ago. It's different to hang out with friends and family. And again, as usual, when I remember this such kind of thoughts, my eyes turn into glistened eyes. *even when I'm writing this post LoL* But I try to overcome this feeling by strong heart.

I'm starting countdown to the date when my cousin's father will come to singapore and we'll gather for three or so days. It's about 26 days left. Have fun then!

how's my new life?

let's go ahead!

first when i came here on august 15th with my whole family, it was really exciting as we went to most places together. On august 17th, my dad and my little sista went home. A little bit sad and i almost cried at that time.

So, I, my mom and my cousin spent the time at orchard road, the district where we stayed. Eat together, went shopping together.

On Sunday, It's time to stay at hostel for the first night. I still hadn't felt sad because my mom was still staying here.

The upcoming tuesday was the last time for me to see my mom during her visit. She came to my halls of residence and said goodbye. :(

now I know how it feels when we live afar from family. and it happens to me and some of my friends. I'm wondering those who's living in other continents which takes lots of time to get there. I just live in singapore, 1-2 hours approx by planes, already got this feelings

*will be updated immediately

welcome to my blog!

hi all visitors of my brand new blog!

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well, i'm a new student in singapore, am trying to settle into life here
i wanna share with u guys all the experience i've had

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